You Never Stop Being an Artist


jesters musing weebly

You never really stop being an artist, no matter how busy life gets, you just keep at it. It’s like breathing, because without doing some form of art, whether it would be writing, drawing, painting or music or whatever your particular flavor of art is, it’s what keeps you sane, even though the world may think you to be mad.

We artists enjoy this temperamental madness because it gives us a perspective of us looking outside into a world where most try to exist and try not to rock the boat, to achieve some sense of normality that we know does not exist.

I know I have not been here lately, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped working on projects, in fact I have too many projects that I want to do and things that are brewing inside my skull pan.

I have been working at trying to get readers together to do live reads of plays that I have written, working on art and prints that I am looking to sell so I can go for a 501c and start up Black Tent Productions theatre company.  I have plays, novels and other writings in the works as well.  Doing and dreaming while just trying to live life and keep head above water while trying to keep all those grown up things that we have to do because we have families, bills and regular jobs. We as artists can’t do our art and forget about social obligations. “We all got a mortgage to pay” as Nick Nailler stated in the  Thank You For Smoking movie.

It’s not easy, but nothing in life is easy and you have to take it one day at a time as you move forward, but you never give up on what you love to do.

I have learned in my life that you can complain about how life twists and turns on and  make excuses why things never really turn out the way you hoped or you planned. You can chose to be angry or disappointed or you can believe in yourself and move forward.

In the end of the day, the only thing that is stopping you is you. Nothing is ever straight forward or simple as we would hoped. I learned that from working with my church of the Vacation Bible School (VBS). We did a set for the VBS  and it was chaotic but in the end it all came together and we still have a week to go with children and teaching and sharing with them.  I am sure there will be hick ups and things that may not go as planned, but as long we stick to the vision and work towards making a good experience for the kids and sharing how to live a faithful life, and knowing hope to be in this case in God and Jesus.

By no means am I preaching, but being an artist it requires a certain kind of faith and faith a personal and a simple thing to have. No matter what faith one has, it’s easy to lose heart and to doubt ourselves, because the world loves to tell us that we can’t. We as artists have to believe in ourselves and that we have something worthwhile to share.

To dare to be different, to challenge and question what the world is and who and what we are as a people, both collectively and individually raises the eyebrows of others who rather not consider such things is not an easy thing to do; but that is what we artists do and the world will be better or worse off for it depending on what we do with our art.

Without art, those political, social and faith based establishments and their governing influences would not and could not be without the arts because art stems forth from human expression where we dream the world into being in thought, word and deed.

This world that we live in, for better or worse reflects our human sensibilities and it is by and in the arts that world comes to be known and shaped in arts of words, thoughts and visions.  Knowing this one truth, we as artists should take care as to what we inspire people and this world to be.


Gavion E. Chandler~

                                                               ‘Man is his own devil.’



It has been a while since I have been here, perhaps too long.  So where have I been?  On a journey trying to find my niche, trying to get a theatre company BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS up and running.  But also I am working on a series of images VISIONS OF MEN where I explore our human world in image and thought and ideas for novels and wanting to edit DRAGON ORACLE that has been a fifteen year endeavor.

Lots and lots of projects. Currently I have twenty-eight plays to my name, and over eight hundred poems, short stories and the ideas and projects just keep on rolling out of my head. It’s finding the time and resources to make them happen and trying to focus on one thing. But how do you do that, when the wheels keep on turning.

I just finished MR. KNOCK an period/avant-garde/bizarre existentialistic piece that engages the idea of women and beauty and how they since the beginning of the civilization have been the object and subject of the idea and the illusion of beauty.  Now I have TIME PIECE a play that started with five players and has exploded into a cast of thirty, with ideas of musical brewing in the back of my brain and four other concepts for plays that have yet to be written.

I can’t seem to find to turn off switch, and yet I need to focus on one project, so I that’s what I am currently doing. I and young lady friend who has much the same no nonsense disposition as myself are working on a prospect of putting on one of three plays. THE PROBLEM WITH GOD,  STRANGERS or CIGARETTE BURN as well as live readings of new works by new playwrights.  We can’t just do my works, we need to lighten up the humour up a bit.

But on top of all this I am working, trying to support my family and bless my wife for putting up with me. Being married to an artist is not an easy task.  So that is where I have been and what I have been doing.

I am hoping to update my website soon with up coming events and activities, but I am still plugging away at it, as always.


Gavion E. Chandler~

                                                                                        ‘Man is his own devil.’




Pressing on.

It’s been a while since I have been around here, so thought it might be a good idea to share what I have been up to. I am still working on BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS (BTP) and working on producing plays, or even live readings. March 20th we are supposed to put on a production of THE PROBLEM WITH GOD, which originally was supposed to be HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES, but as the hours and days are closing in on that date, it seems that it may not be happening.

What is the problem?  Trying to get people committed to an idea and having them look beyond right now to see what it can become if we give it a chance to grow. Some, most are looking to get compensated for the time, sweat and tears and I do understand, really I do. But right now I am just trying to get the ball rolling and getting the people together to create art, and have them invest in the idea of what it can become if we all work together.

Some have told me to look for investors, which I would love, but how to sell an idea where art is the focus and not profit. Yes I want to make money and to be able to pay my people for the work, but that is not the primary focus of BTP. Sooner or later I want to turn a profit to allow BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS to promote and create new opportunity for artists to give them an opportunity to explore and share their own artistic vision with others. But before I can think about rending for services, I need first to get starting projects off the ground to show people and investors what we have to offer.

This past January I had a diorama display at the library in the hope to raise awareness of BLACK TENT PRODUCTIONS and now have a web page for the theatre company BLACKTENTPRODUCTONS.ORG, so we are pressing on, trying to create new opportunities for other artists, but once again we need people who wish to invest time and efforts to help get things rolling along.

I have twenty-seven plays that I have personally written, and I want to do THE PROBLEM WITH GOD play and HAUNTS & MINDSCAPES as our first two productions to give the audience a taste of ‘CONCEPTUAL THEATRE’ that explores the thought and possibility of a question.

But make no mistake, this isn’t just about my plays. It’s about you and your art and what you would like to share with the world.

So please visit BLACKTENTPRODUCTIONS.ORG and contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Gavion E. Chandler~

‘Man is his own devil.’


The Hare and the Tortoise Race of Life

Well ladies and gents, the old Mad Chandler is back here at old word press to give it another swing.  Life is always happening and when you’re an artist trying to chase that dream, raise a child, find a job that you can support your family on, making ends meet and not lose your brain; well that’s the trick of it all ain’t it.  No matter what life just keeps on rolling along.

So what exactly have I been doing lately? Writing plays and painting and working to get Black Tent Productions off the ground. To date I have twenty-four plays in script form and I have two more brewing in my head and a journal full of concepts, but now it’s time to get them out there for others to see them.

In the past I have tried to go for full production and I even designed a diorama for CIGARETTE BURN that is to 1/2 inch scale that is hand painted and sculpted out of water color paper.   I tend to go to for the grand production with all the bells and whistles attached with a hint of fireworks just give it that little punch.  But live and learn.

Now I am working with a group of individuals to do readings of plays and improv theatre, doing little projects that will build up to full productions in good time, God willing. I just finished the first draft of ‘A ONE MAN SHOW’ and this would be the twenty-forth play that I have to chalk up in my repertoire.

Patience, dedication and a hell allot of hard work will make it happen in time.  Just have to believe and have faith in your vision. and be willing to see it through.  No one ever said being an artist in this world is easy; actually you have to be out of your brain, but it’s one hell of a ride.

So hopefully I will have some news as we work to develop BTP and our little productions. Right now we are in the development stage and I will keep you up to date as we move forward/

Gavion E. Chandler~

‘Man is his own devil.’

COMPANY MAN & the Man-machine Play or just ‘COMPANY MAN’

COMPANY MAN & the Man-machine play or just COMPANY MAN is a play of thoughts that have long festered in my brain, as I, in my life have come to muse the ‘World of Man’ and ‘Man’.  The thoughts of  ‘Man and his genius’ are always at work in my art, whether it would be fashioned in words of thought or painted, sketched or inked into some vision of thought. 

Watching society, learning, watching, and listening I have watched the collective efforts and concerns of a people grow more isolated and self-absorbed as our technological advancements create ‘better and new ways’ of doing things so that they are ‘quicker and faster’  that decreases the wait-time for self-gratification process to be fulfilled.

I grew up in the 80’s when the first Malls were being put into style and the ‘mall rat’ became fashionable, and the new entertainment for teenagers, and as the marketing of our society advanced in business sociology and the economic structures grew more and more complex and the rise of corporate titans came to follow in the shadow of collective economic forces, I saw how we as a people grew more and more isolated and lost to our own particular sense of comforts. 

Originally our country that was a ‘Republic of America’, that was founded in wisdom and illusions of truth, meaning our forefathers were brilliant men, but they were not necessarily nice men. They had their own agenda and man in his own sense of wisdom is his own devil of sorts. But that is another blog, but I think you get the gist.  Then within time our State of Government was described to be a ‘Democracy’, where the government and its three branches represent the will and mind of ‘the people’.  

In the words of Thomas Paine, and in my opinion the ‘true forefather of our country’  “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.’  

In that one statement, a simple truth is profoundly communicated, No matter what state of government, or religion for that matter, the idea and the promise of the thought and ‘man’s good intentions’ hopes to serve some greater purpose of being;whether it will come to serve good or evil or free a people of a tyranny or oppress a people with ideals where success and failure, or some sense of truth that is but illusions of lies woven to serve and benefit a few raises a series of frightening inquiries.  


‘Man’ is an individual, a thing of conscious and will and heart that dares to dream and believe to know some good, some greatness to be of his soul. In his heart, he lives and breathes this. This is the ‘individual’. However in society, that ‘Man’ and his sense of self and purpose is cast in the shadow of society and those expectations that have been groomed, and shaped in standards, and beliefs of the collective whole, or that which is thought to believed to be the ‘collective whole’

Now you are probably wondering what this has to do with COMPANY MAN 


As a society and its government progresses, the original intention or goal of that said government alters and changes and adapts to the particular needs and wants of the people or those in power, and what it started out as, is not necessarily what ends up and or what it is destined to be. History of Man forges such governmental forces as does the forces of nature, but the forces of man are bent on will and heart and tempered in thoughts and deeds that are absolutely wondrous and perfectly terrifying.

As I began, Our government started in concept as a ‘Republic’  and then was declared and defined in ‘common knowledge’ as a ‘Democracy’, that now has become and is a ‘Corporate State’ where the will of the people are subject to the wants and needs of those Corporations that govern us in our needs and wants. 

The ‘Idea of the Individual’ is minimized to the least common denominator so that it has no voice and no point of will, mean while it is maximized to the greatest level of productivity that serves no one end.  That ‘Idea of the individual’  is seen as a necessary evil to the ‘Corporate Entity’ and as a score of data, but that ‘Idea of the individual’  is seen as viable threat to the ‘Corporate Entity’  and those principles and practices that come to govern it in its arenas of influence. 

COMPANY MAN  was sparked by my overseer at my job, when he told me you have to stop thinking the ‘Civilian way’ and start thinking the ‘Company way’  which means not to think, but rather to conform and not question the policies and practices, even if they don’t mean a lick of sense.

This little state sparked and ignited that leaky fuel tank that has been festering in my brain for many years now. I worked for Walmart for three years and probably one of the most evil corporations I have ever worked for. I affectionately describe them as ‘Mehmed the Conqueror armed with a Coke a smile’. The difference between them (Walmart) and Mehmed is Mehmed came with an army of 300,000 and surrounded the city and demanded them to surrender with only a promise to pay tribute to him. When the city surrendered, he would proceed to transplant scholars,artisans, politicians and socially, economically de-assimilate them and then within ten years find reason to commit war on them. Walmart comes with a promise of jobs and economic resolution and then commits penetration marketing tactics and undermines  the social economic structure of the community, just as the malls did to the community businesses in the 80’s. 

COMPANY MAN  has such thoughts that was sparked by a comment that exploded into play about such issues that grew into surreal and haunting world of merciless and brutal business practices that are Machiavellian in principle. It embraces my art and its iconic images of ‘Visions of Man’ series in concept and thought as well.

But these are some of my thoughts and the idea behind the play. 


The play itself takes Joshua Beckett and Troy Ravage who work for Mr. Solomon Esquire III and Manhattan Enterprises who must come to grips with WATCHWARE program and Machiavellian practices as marketing technology that borders on espionage and intelligence data collecting are raises into morality question. 

Solomon Esquire III is a relentless businessman with little or no remorse and oversees his Corporation with Voivode, ‘war prince’ until Edward Abbott and Mr. Barniby come on board. 

The play raises into question such principle of practices where the ‘Corporate entity’  diminishes the ‘idea of the individual’ and capitalizes and profits on it meanwhile suppressing the potential of the individual because it is deems as threat to the ‘entity of the Corporate state’ because the individual can challenge and question those practices and principles that the Corporation institutes and regulates to serve its own ends.

This is the play and the concept that is now two hundred pages.


Gavion E. Chandler~


“Man is his own devil.’ 


If you are interested in the imagery you may go to my website at and 




THE CIGARETTE BURN… (The latest development.)




                                         (The latest work on the diorama)


Well, it is has been one hell of a journey with life taking its twists and turns, but finally things are looking like they are coming together. Black Tent Productions (BTP) and Abraxas Film Company (AFC) are shooting for February to produce the Play THE CIGARETTE BURN’. Andrea Salisbury and Daniel  Mollenkamp, Kenny Johnson from Traffic Jam  who started with Haunts & Mindscapes  and wrote music for it, have been working BTP since its conception have been faith and true to the cause and vision of what BTP is envisioned to be, art with a sense of purpose and conscience in mind. 

But as this project unravels the challenges that are be met and endured have tested our metal and sense of resolution. I could not be prouder and more thankful my team members and MIchael Frost who he and AFC has made this venture possible. 

My many thanks to all and all that have gave and all that they will do to make this happen.


Gavion E. Chandler~


‘Man is his own devil.’


The Thought and Vision of the Play.



I am currently working on producing The Cigarette Burn, a play that I have written, and the set, the concept set that is that I am now designing and building.  This is not the first time I have tried this endeavor, Haunts & Mindscapes was my other attempt in Williamsburg and many a time I have tried to get that ‘play’ off the ground, but something always seems to happen. But The Cigarette Burn along with AFC (Abraxas Film Company) and assistance from Michael Frost. We together are trying to make this happen.

What I have learned through this whole process, is simply to have faith and believe that it will happen, and then make it happen and never give up on it, because if you do you end up giving up on yourself. As my friend Tony  told me when I asked for a piece of wisdom…. (Yes he works in theatre), but  he told me, “Trust your Vision, it keeps the doubt at bay.”  It is very true and those words helped me more than I can say.

But the progress of the play is a learning experience and there is a learning curve, and knowing that life just happens and there ain’t nothing to be done about it.’  because lord knows things have happened and the best laid plans have fallen victim to circumstances and fates and fortunes. But it is theatre after all and it seems to have more dealings with the Sister Fates than we Thespians care to admit.  But that’s what makes art-art and if one is going to follow and live this path- well it isn’t for the faint of heart.  It something you have to have a passion for, if you don’t life will drown you in your own misery along with the world’s.

I could go rambling on and on, because this is what I want to do… to make people think and consider thoughts of things; things that which they wouldn’t normally consider or matters of the mind and heart that they don’t really care to think about… because it isn’t easy to think about life and the truth of it. It’s not a dark and hopeless thing, rather it is a day of dreams and lessons to be endured, learned and shared.

Life isn’t easy, and it’s not fair, but it is life and that is what theatre is about… exploring our humanity and the worlds of dreams and thoughts where hope and terror of Man come to be known to be in the world. That’s why I love the theatre.

Gavion E. Chandler~

‘Man is his own devil.’

The Day and Life of an Artist


I just turned 48 and as long as I can remember I have been working at the arts, drawing, writing trying every out very angle of idea, thought and dream while working every and any job that I can.

Employed or unemployed I am relentless in my artistic endeavors… it’s like breathing to me. But now I am working with a gentleman who has his own production company and we are working on shooting one of my twenty plays.

Many would roll their eyes and say good luck, not believing or thinking this is madness, but i can’t imagine not doing art and just to know that I tried, whether I succeed or fail, I know that I have tried.

The world and society will beat up down verbally and mentally and maybe even physically, but you just got to keep on believing, knowing who and what you are and what you want to do.

You just have to keep at it, no matter what.

That’s what I live everyday of my life.


                                                                                                          Gavion E. Chandler~

                                                                                                         ‘Man is his own devil.’

Mission forged in mind of heart.



      The Job, rather the mission of the artist, no matter what medium or form of thought that it may come to take on  is to ask, to challenge that which we, as a people, collectively and individually are marching onward towards some point of destiny that is mad and riddled with fates and fortunes that is beyond our own knowing.

     In this manner of discourse of thought and the preoccupation of certain inquiries, the specifics of anyone of any one particular  action, consequence and those particular point of view attitudes are of little to no concern.   Yes they are pebbled points of consciousness that in time come to be their own sort of devil, but this is not that sort of inquiry. 

    it is those general attitudes and practices that are the matter and subject of inquiry. These are the ‘Matter of Greater Consequence’ because the specifics, those points and positions of individual perspective are exactly that, specific points of knowing and understanding where personal truth and identity are found and known.  Such understanding and knowing alters the course of a society to a slight degree here and there. 

    It is the ‘general attitudes’ that set the course and compass of a people and that society that they collectively come to create as a whole.  Those ‘general attitudes’,  those hopes, fears and doubts that come to shape and forge angels of devils of things, as ‘we’ can only image and know to be comes temper that compass of conscience and will and heart. 

   That is the purpose, the method and the madness of art, ‘To dare to question, to challenge Man and Society and those who would long to rule us in these hopes and fears- those who would seek to stifle and silence truth founded in reason rather fear!’  

    Above I posted ‘Pennies and Dreams’.  Our society, any society is a carnival mad with dreams of destiny seeking to ‘Man Monoliths’ where we come to proclaim our sense of greatness when in the end and in time it will crumble into ruin.  

    It, this world that we come to dream and create, is measured and weighed breath, sweat, tears and blood as we try to rise above some great and terrible fear.  We struggle and strive like desperate ant trying to dry out of a half empty glass without trying drown in our own fears and hopes.  

     That is what ‘Man’ is spirit of thing born of hope and fear that knows and wields a great and terrible will and we as artists, patrons and keepers and tellers of tales… we are the Bards and Jesters that dare to have the audacity to ask, ‘What is to become of Man and the world?!  We are we bound!!  What is ‘Man’ this terrible and wondrous creature who dreams visions as only a devil’d angel may come to know… to be?  What is Man and what is to become of us?!

    But that is what ‘We’ artists, poets and such spirited creatures do. ‘We’ dare to think, to ponder, to ask the unthinkable and the impossible.


                                                                                              Gavion E. Chandler~

                                                                                              ‘Man is his own devil.’